What we do?


Engage in the dynamic realm of blockchain with our offerings that include exciting competitive gaming experiences, mythical creatures in the gaming world, and a robust digital currency exchange platform.


We provide comprehensive financial services encompassing insurance, foreign exchange, and fund management, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Technology Software and Innovation

Our company is at the forefront of technological software and innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions that drive progress and efficiency.

Strategic Partner

In collaboration with Jinliufu, we boast a sophisticated production line for gold and diamond products, highlighting our commitment to excellence and quality in the luxury goods sector.

Financial Management

Our financial management services offer meticulous oversight and strategic planning to ensure the financial health and growth of your assets.

Business School

We offer a comprehensive business school program designed to educate and train members in cutting-edge business practices and leadership skills.

About Us

At ET Asia Pacific, our direction is shaped by the visionary leadership of Mr. Daniel, a dual-degree holder in Electronic Mechanical Engineering and Financial Management. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and finance, Mr. Daniel has been spearheading our evolution since 2018. His tenure as President since 2021 reflects our ethos of innovation and excellence.

From our strategic hub in the TRX financial center, we're committed to empowering our community with robust financial solutions and opportunities for growth. Under Mr. Daniel’s guidance, ET is poised to redefine financial services in the Asia Pacific region.

Join us for a journey of financial mastery led by Mr. Daniel's expert stewardship.

A leading financial force from Malaysia to the world.

Our Services Extend Across 20+ Countries

Evolving Excellence

Constantly developing superior market segments for a stronger enterprise

Valuable Ecosystems

Creating valuable ecosystems to achieve targets and enhance community satisfaction.

Future Foundations 

Laying the foundation for blockchain gaming with vast economic potential

Strategic Growth

Engaging with China's Belt and Road Initiative for valuable growth opportunities in real estate and contributing to regional economic prosperity.