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Guiding ET Asia Pacific to New Heights

Meet Mr. Daniel: A Synthesis of Engineering Precision and Financial Acumen

At the core of ET Asia Pacific's innovative drive is Mr. Daniel, a distinguished leader with a dual-degree in Electronic Mechanical Engineering and Financial Management. A true connoisseur of blockchain gaming and wealth management sectors since 2018, Mr. Daniel's deep domain expertise is a testament to his patient accumulation of knowledge and strategic foresight.

Stepping into the role of President for the Asia Pacific region in 2021, Mr. Daniel has been instrumental in sculpting the landscape of ET's various business segments. His hands-on approach in designing the architecture of ET's services showcases a commitment to excellence and a vision that aligns seamlessly with the emerging trends of the financial world.

With Mr. Daniel at the helm, ET Asia Pacific is not just navigating the future; it is creating it.


ET Asia Pacific

ET Asia Pacific, based in Kuala Lumpur's financial hub (TRX), is a leading financial institution known for securities, fund management, and consulting. Recognized as one of the country's largest financial firms, we provide a broad range of services, including insurance, futures, and wealth management.

Our dedicated team, leveraging top-tier risk management and technology, prioritizes the secure enhancement of our clients' investments. We're committed to product innovation and service excellence, with a focus on meeting the evolving needs of the market and our clients.

Looking ahead, we plan to further broaden our offerings, foster innovation, and nurture talent to solidify our position as a formidable force in the financial sector.


ET Group's Venture into Franchise Dining

ET Group's expansion into the franchise dining sector is a strategic move to diversify and tap into new markets. The dining industry presents a dynamic mix of opportunities and challenges, making it an attractive sector for growth-oriented companies like ET.

The dining sector is rapidly expanding, propelled by rising living standards and the increasing demand for quality dining experiences. This growth translates into larger market sizes and higher profits, opening doors for businesses seeking new ventures.

ET Group values more than just market potential. The dining industry also offers a chance to enhance brand visibility. Companies can leverage the industry's platform to boost brand recognition and build a loyal customer base, bolstering their reputation.

Moreover, the dining sector offers diversified revenue streams. Beyond traditional restaurant services, it includes ancillary offerings like delivery, retail products, and signature dishes, which can significantly augment a company's profitability.

ET Group is proud to be part of this vibrant industry, investing in a range of franchise dining establishments that promise to enrich our portfolio and offer our customers diverse culinary delights.

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Real Estate Endeavors

ET Group's foray into real estate, in partnership with leading property firms, has resulted in a comprehensive enterprise encompassing development, construction, and property management. Established in 2002, this company has emerged as a prestigious brand in Malaysia's property sector.

Focusing on residential, commercial, and office projects, our core business includes planning, construction, development, sales, and property management services. Our guiding principles of quality, integrity, and innovation drive us to deliver superior and user-friendly residential and commercial properties, enhancing urban living standards.

Our strengths in the real estate domain lie in our professional, efficient design and development teams, market-leading research capabilities, and stringent risk control measures, ensuring high-quality and sustainable project outcomes. We prioritize customer experience and service, offering personalized, comprehensive support.

Looking ahead, we aim to bolster product innovation and R&D, improve service quality, expand market reach, and increase profitability, aspiring to be among the nation's most influential and capable developers and property managers.

Moreover, our real estate portfolio extends to developers, contractors, and the oversight of construction and project management.

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