Collaborative Partnerships

Strategic Partnership: Jingliufu

ET Group's extensive portfolio spans vital sectors such as real estate, dining, and luxury goods, ensuring that essential and opulent desires are met. Our selection of Golden Fortune as a strategic partner is pivotal due to their exquisitely crafted diamond rings, distinguished by extraordinary artisanship.


Jewelry International Group Limited

Incorporated on December 3, 2003, in Hong Kong, Jingliufu Jewelry International Group Limited is a multifaceted jewelry company that specializes in the procurement of raw materials, design, production, processing, wholesale, and retail. The company prides itself on its adherence to international quality management systems and exceptional chain services, earning a prestigious reputation in the jewelry industry.

Vision for the Future

To establish a nationally recognized franchise chain of distinguished jewelry brands.

Mission Statement

To uphold the culture of jewelry and to broadcast the essence of the brand far and wide.

Brand Advocacy

With sincerity comes fortune, with Jingliufu comes blessing.

Core Values

Human-centric, Integrity, Professionalism, Harmony.

Team Philosophy

To create platforms for professional service and foster a win-win situation through honesty.

Talent Ideology

To utilize personal growth to propel the company's progression.

Collaborative Impact

The alliance between ET Group and Jingliufu symbolizes a convergence of mutual values and a dedication to supreme quality. This partnership strategically aligns with our mission to deliver not only products but also a legacy of excellence and reliability.